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Holly and Brandon #GEM234-01

Holly and Brandon #GEM234-01

Running Time
44 min





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Holly and Brandon are in bed. They kiss passionately and Holly licks her way down to Brandon's stiff cock. He finds out what a great cock-sucker she is and is turned on even more by the moans and whimpers she makes. The enjoyment is so intense that at times he has to grab the sheets to hold back. He decides to try a forbidden fantasy and hands the blonde slut a small vibrator.
She slides it deep in his tight ass and grabs his erect cock. She fucks him easy at first and then harder and harder. As she plunges the plastic toy in his butt she tells him, ''My pussy is so wet; I love fucking you!'' ''Oh, yeah, fuck me,'' Brandon moans in reply. She licks his balls and sucks his cock as she keeps fucking him. Holly's fantasy is to fuck him while he fucks her and so she surprises him with a big red butt plug. Sliding the huge plug into place, she deep throats his hard dick sending him into ecstasy.
After some great sucking she slides a condom on his cock and begs to be fucked hard and deep! He obliges and moans in pleasure as he buries all 8'' in the hot cunt. He fucks her just as she requested and both of them are in sexual heaven! And Brandon still has the big red butt plug in his ass! He fucks fast and then slow as Holly fondles her ample tits. She moans in pleasure and after some great missionary fucking they switch to doggy style! He fucks her in long deep strokes pulling all the way out and burying the bone.
Holly squats on his cock and makes it disappear in her tight pussy. It is more than Brandon can stand. She rides his cock and bedsprings creak as you see tight close-ups of his hard dick sliding deep into her. Now it's my turn , she tells him and she pulls the plug out of his ass. Yes, he had the big red butt plug in his butt the entire time he was fucking her, and it turned her on to know he was getting fucked, too!
Holly gets Brandon on his knees to suck her strap-on dildo like it was a real cock. She makes him lick it and kiss it while she eggs him on. She has him get on his back with his legs in the air and slowly slides the 10'' fake cock deep in his ass. Holly fucks her boyfriend hard, and he enjoys the hell out of it. Brandon takes as good as he gives and he gets a rough fucking!
When he sits down on her ''cock'' Holly says she can feel it on her clit. This sends Brandon into orbit and he rides it like crazy! She fucks him as he rides her cock with his own hard dick bobbing as he moves. He turns around and sits on her cock again so he can jack off on her tits. She encourages him and it doesn't take long to shoot a big load all over her heaving breasts! They kiss and we fade out.

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